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For cold footh bath, three to four inches of cold water at temperature of 7.2 Degrees Celsius to 12.7 Degrees Celsius should be placed in a small tub or bucket. The feet should be completely immersed in the water for one to five minutes. Friction should be continiously applied to the feet during the bath, by rubbing one foot agains the other. A cold foot bath, taken for one or two minutes, relieves cerebral congestion and uterine hemorrhage. It also helps in the treatment of sprains, strains and inflamed bunions when taken for longer periods. It should not be taken in cases of inflammatory conditions of urinary organs, liver and kidneys.


In this method of bath therepy, the patient should keep his or her legs in a tub or bucket filled with hot water at a temperature of 40 degrees C to 45 degrees C. Before taking this bath, a glass of water should be taken and the body should be covered with a blanket so that no heat or vapour escapes from the foot bath. The duration of the bath is generally from five to twenty minutes. The patient should take a cold shower immediately after the bath. The hot foot bath stimulates the involuntary muscles of the uterus, intestines, bladder and other pelvic and abdominal organs. It also relieves sprains and ankle joint pains, headaches caused by cerebral congestion and colds.